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"A LOUD response to Zero Tolerance"


The 45th administration’s Zero Tolerance policy at the southern U.S. border has resulted in the systemic criminalization of refugee asylum seekers.[1] The stories of horrific child abuse have been revealed by the tireless efforts of journalists, public leaders, whistleblowers, and activists. This paper takes a look at LOUD, a Latinx-lead grassroots activist group created by entertainment professionals in response to this state sponsored violence. It analyzes the ways in which the group has used social media and digital tools in the course of their activities, the records they are (co-) creating, and the archival needs that these have revealed. Finally, this paper thinks through the group’s needs for an optimal digital data collection and records management system and the ways in which archivists trained in human rights might be key allies in their efforts. My hope is that this article sheds light on the strategic collaboration between artists and archivists in the activist arena as events unfold.

[1] My refusal to name him in a consistent manner is a deliberate act of resistance.

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