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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Goose Barnacles (Cirripedia: Thoracica) on Flotsam Beached at La Jolla, California

  • Author(s): Cheng, Lanna
  • Lewin, Ralph A.
  • et al.

A total of 1,913 specimens of Lepas (Dosima) fascicularis and 642 specimens of L. (Lepas) pacifica, many still alive, were collected on a 1,000-m stretch of beach at La Jolla between 5 and 9 July 1974. They were attached to various substrates which had enabled them to float at the sea surface before being cast ashore. The predominant substrates were feathers (90 pieces, bearing 657 Dosima, 221 Lepas), sea grass leaves (122 pieces: 835 Dosima, 75 Lepas), brown algae (39 pieces: 200 Dosima, 86 Lepas), and tar (57 pieces: 113 Dosima, 209 Lepas). Dosima is the predominant species on most of the substrates whereas tar lumps appeared to be preferentially settled by Lepas. The size distributions (Dosima, 1-22 mm; Lepas, 1-16 mm) provided no indications of generational discontinuities. The beaching of these normally pleustonic animals should be considered in relation to preceding and prevailing wind conditions.

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