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Open Access Publications from the University of California

The SLS optics beamline

  • Author(s): Flechsig, U.
  • Abela, R.
  • Betemps, R.
  • Blumer, H.
  • Frank, K.
  • Jaggi, A.
  • MacDowell A.A.
  • Padmore, H.A.
  • Schonherr, V.
  • Ulrich, J.
  • Walther, H.
  • Zelenika, S.
  • Zumbach, C.
  • et al.

A multipurpose beamline for tests and developments in the ?eld of x-ray optics and synchrotron radiation instrumentation in general is under construction at the Swiss Light Source (SLS) bending magnet X05DA. The beamline uses a newly developed UHV compatible, 100 mm thick, brazed CVD diamond vacuum window. The very compact cryogenicly cooled channel cut Si(111) monochromator and bendable 1:1 toroidal focusing mirror at 7:75 m from the source point are installed inside the shielding tunnel. The beamline covers a photon energy range of about 6 to 17 keV. We expect 5x1011 photons=s within a 100 mu m spot and a re solving power of 1300. The monochromator and focusing mirror can be retracted independently for unfocused monochromatic and focused "white" light operation respectively.

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