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Open Access Publications from the University of California

A data set on the distribution of Rotifera in Antarctica

  • Author(s): Garlasché, Giuseppe
  • Karimullah, Karimullah
  • Iakovenko, Nataliia
  • Velasco-Castrillón, Alejandro
  • Janko, Karel
  • Guidetti, Roberto
  • Rebecchi, Lorena
  • Cecchetto, Matteo
  • Schiaparelli, Stefano
  • Jersabek, Christian D.
  • De Smet, Willem H.
  • Fontaneto, Diego
  • et al.

We present a data set on Antarctic biodiversity for the phylum Rotifera, making it publicly available through the Antarctic Biodiversity Information facility. We provide taxonomic information, geographic distribution, location, and habitat for each record. The data set gathers all the published literature about rotifers found and identified across the Continental, Maritime, and Subantarctic biogeographic regions of Antarctica. A total of 1455 records of rotifers in Antarctica found from 1907 to 2018 is reported, with information on taxonomic hierarchies, updated nomenclature, geographic information, geographic coordinates, and type of habitat. The aim is to provide a georeferenced data set on Antarctic rotifers as a baseline for further studies, to improve our knowledge on what has been considered one of the most diverse and successful groups of animals living in Antarctica.


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