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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Aim & Scope

As a graduate student led journal we understand both the vital role of graduate students as well as innovative writing and research in this process. Thus our mission is to promote unconventional and nontraditional approaches and methodologies within Near Eastern Studies. We hope to include in our journal the future of the discipline–whether that future is in new historiographies of the region or its parts, new technologies of reconstruction, or new forms of academic writing. We are dedicated to graduate student work, interdisciplinary approaches, and open exchange and dialogue with other disciplines which we believe mark the unique contribution of the field of Near Eastern Studies to the humanities.

We offer through our online platform a chance for graduate students to broach new directions both in their field of research and in the ways they approach publication. As graduate students ourselves, we understand the importance of creativity in our writing and presentations, and thus we want to encourage those students who want to work outside the standard frames for academic writing, who want to widen the field of acceptable and considered approaches, and who consider their work to fall just between and among the various field-specific journals that exist, to submit to our journal.

In its vast academic considerations of both the ancient and modern world through the study of languages, material culture and archaeology, folklore and contemporary research, religious studies, and literature, work emerging from and within the study of the Near East, our journal has successfully established a new interdisciplinary collaborative voice.