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Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines for JAGNES Issues

Please also see our website for submission guidelines. 

PLEASE NOTE: all submissions must adhere to these guidelines. Any submitted articles that do not will be returned to the author without review and will not be accepted until the appropriate changes are made.

Abstract: all submissions must include a 150-word abstract.

Length: 20-25 pages of text (this does not include the bibliography, endnotes, illustrations, or charts).

Transliteration: the generally-accepted transliteration guidelines that have been put forth for your sub-discipline should be used. However, well known nouns and place names (such as Allah, Baghdad, or Qu’ran), require no special transliteration markers.

Illustrations: high quality prints or digital images (300dpi or higher, .jpg or .gif format) will be accepted. All illustrations, charts, or photographs must include captions and sources. All permissions for use of images should be made in advance by the author and made available to the editors upon submission.

Language: The language of publication is English, however, submissions in other related field languages will be considered and must include an extended abstract in English.