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How to Submit

Follow the instructions below to submit a manuscript to the Berkeley Review of Education. You will be notified shortly regarding the suitability of your article for the journal.

The submission process consists of the following steps:

  1. Read and accept the Article Submission Agreement
  2. Provide information about yourself
  3. Provide information about any co-authors
  4. Upload your article and related items

Before you begin, please be sure you have the following items:

  • Article Title
  • An abstract of 250 words or less (separate from the article body)
  • Keywords for your article (optional)
  • Subject categories (optional)
  • Article in native document format, such as Microsoft Word, TeX, or RTF
    Articles must be submitted without a title page, abstract, or page numbers. These will be provided by the eScholarship system.
  • Article in PDF format (Optional for Microsoft Word or RTF submissions: a PDF file is automatically created for these files.)

If you create your own PDF file, please embed all fonts and use Adobe's PDF Distiller instead of PDF Writer to ensure that others can view the article exactly as you intended it to be. Though it may take a bit of effort to create a PDF of your article properly now, this time will be significantly less than the time you would spend checking galleys at other journals! Please see our tips for making your own PDF file.

No part of the submission is final until all steps have been completed and you click the final Submit button. The review process begins as soon as The Berkeley Review of Education receives a readable Microsoft Word, RTF, or PDF file, along with the abstract and article title. You may revise any of these elements later by clicking the submitted article's title on your My Account page.