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About Integrated Composition, Improvisation and Technology (ICIT)

What is the purpose of the collection?

The ICIT Collection is an evolving archive of scores, written research, audio video documentation, software and other materials reflecting new integrations of composition, improvisation and technology, including theses and dissertations from MFA and PhD graduates of UCI’s ICIT program as well as works by ICIT faculty.

What is collected?

This collection is focused in two areas: 1.) published writing (e.g., peer reviewed journal articles and other published writings) and 2.) creative works, such as major scores/media that came out of a dissertation or other large-scale, original project that was either not commercially released online or, if it was, is included here for open access archival purposes. This collection is not attempting to compete with all of the amazing creative work being released in the commercial sphere, but to serve as a core, open access corpus of scholarly and creative materials related to the creative music.

Who can deposit?

Current and former faculty and students in UCI's graduate program in Integrated Composition, Improvisation and Technology (ICIT).

What is accepted?

Completed ICIT theses and dissertations as well as works by current ICIT faculty are automatically accepted. Other submissions from ICIT students and alumni are added to the collection upon approval by current ICIT faculty.

Are there technical file limitations?

Primarily this will focus on PDF, MP3, MP4, and MOV files. Theoretically any file type and size can be included in this collection, but the eScholarship platform sometimes has issues with non-standard file types and files that are over 500MB in size.

How do I submit a work for deposit?

ICIT dissertations created at UCI that are submitted to Proquest as part of the filing process will automatically be harvested into eScholarship. Please send Scott Stone, the collection administrator, an email to inform him that the deposit has occurred, and he will associate it with the ICIT collection once it’s available in eScholarship.

For non-dissertations, send an email directly to Scott Stone with the complete information of the item you’d like to deposit, including the title, author(s), instrumentation/technical information, year of composition, and any other relevant information you think will help people discover this work, along with the file or a link to the file. Faculty items will be deposited into the collection, and student/alumni items will be submitted for approval by ICIT faculty. Authors will receive an email confirming the item’s deposit status once it has been finalized.

See the Policies page for additional eScholarship-wide rules about removing items, revising items, and author rights.

Other questions?

Scott Stone, Research Librarian for Performing Arts and site administrator:

Michael Dessen, Professor in ICIT and faculty administrator: