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Open Access Publications from the University of California

ICIT Theses & Dissertations

Open access Theses and Dissertations from ICIT alums:

Abedini, Hesam: A Post-Intercultural Path: As wide as Persian music, jazz, and Western contemporary music (2022)

Anthony, Kevin Patrick: Sinew & Ecosystem One : two works driven by a self-regulating performance system (2020)

Caulkins, Anthony DJ: 'Musical Gesture' in Analysis: Gesture-Class as a formal structure (2016)

Galvão, Martim Schneider: Metric Interplay: A Case Study in Polymeter, Polyrhythm, and Polytempo (2014)

Ghorbani, Adib: Silent Music (2022)

Hadley, Christopher: Musical Ecologies of Persons and Things (2022)

Hamido, Omar Costa: Adventures in Quantumland (2021)

Hattwick, Ian: Face to Face, Byte to Byte: Approaches to Interaction in a Digital Music Ensemble (2011)

Jones, Molly Elisabeth: Your Own Monster: Sampling in the Work of Nick Zammuto, Tom Waits, and Paul D. Miller (2016)

Liu, Yihui: Advanced Dynamic Music: Composing Algorithmic Music in Video Games as an Improvisatory Device for Players (2021)

Lough, Alex Joseph: Performed Electronics: Compositional Paradigms for Reinforcing Human Agency in Electroacoustic Music (2020)

Majumdar, Teerath: Relational Music: A Participatory Approach Towards Live Experimental Electronic Music (2023)

Muther, Forest: Migration and Integration: Explorations in Korean and American Intercultural Musicmaking (2021)

Ozawa, Tomoko: Conversational Composition - Techniques of composition derived from and driven by conversation (2021)

Rubio Restrepo, Juan David: Ritualized Performance in the Networked Era (2014)

Savery, Anna: Intermedia Storytelling (2016)

Savery, Richard James: Algorithmic Improvisers (2015)

Shin, Borey: Melodies of a Sub-Subculture: Explorations of Asian American Creative Identity on the Fringe (2019)

Simmons, Josh: Towards a Postmodal Movement for Computer Musicians (2019)

Watson, Jordan: Approaches to the Use of Social Choice and Voting Systems in Interactive Music and Live Performance (2016)

Wheeler, George Stockton: Composing with Sound-Objects: A Methodology (2019)