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The UC Merced Library, which serves the tenth and newest campus in the University of California System, has made the creation, dissemination, and preservation of digital information a cornerstone of its mission. Its partnership with the Malki Museum to make the Journal of California And Great Basin Anthropology available to the entire online world is one example of how UC Merced Library is carrying out this mission.

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There are 1562 publications in this collection, published between 1974 and 2021.
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Obstinate Anger and Pessimism: An (Academic) History of Right-Wing Populism

Ever since June 2015, American political discussion has been near-solely dominated by Donald Trump, his ideology, his style and the grievances his voters possess. At the same time, similar figures in Europe were preparing to make victories on their own after being minor forces in the political arena. Despite the amount of attention Trump and similar figures have been receiving, the political ideology they propagate, right-wing populism, has existed for many years in the academic world. In the research paper Obstinate Anger and Pessimism: An (Academic) History of Right-Wing Populism, University of California, Merced political science student Nathan Parmeter explores the history of right-wing populism through an academic lens. The results of his research show that since the modern version of right-wing populism first rose in the 1990s, the same bloc of voters and their economic and social grievances have remained consistent as have the grievances they possess against the state. Furthermore, Mr. Parmeter also notes that the current wave of right-wing populism takes a unique form due to an evolved media landscape and the after-effects of the Great Recession.

Mental Health and Academic Performance of First-Generation College Students and Continuing-Generation College Students

In the following literature review, first-generation college students will be compared to continuing-generation college students in relation to the challenges that affect their mental health and their academic performance. Many of the studies conducted in higher education show thatfirst-generation students are more likely to: experience symptoms of depression, higher levels of stress, lower levels of life satisfaction, and a decreased sense of belonging in higher educationinstitutions. There can be a possible correlation between mental health and academic performance of students. While there is some research on this demographic, there is still more to be discovered about them. However, the existing literature reveals a great need for resources thathelp serve the needs of first-generation students.

They Called it a Boom: Nation Building in Coronado, California in 1888

In the wake of the Southern California land boom of the 1880’s, two Midwestern businessmen, Elisha S. Babcock and H.L. Story purchased all of Coronado and North Island,California in December 1885 with dreams of creating the premier resort destination in Californiafor Eastern elites. After incorporating into the Coronado Beach Company, they embarked on a publicity campaign facilitated by the local ​Coronado Evening Mercury​ and the very rails thatmade the land boom possible, netting enormous profits from lot auctions drowning inmiddle-class spectacle. This entire endeavor was contingent on the production of Coronado as athriving, sophisticated metropolis, with both cultural continuity with Eastern elite society andopportunity for advancement into middle-class whiteness. This project locates the cooperative construction of Coronado’s image between the Coronado Beach Company and the local presswithin the larger American project of incorporating the West into the nation through thecontinuation of established Eastern conceptions of gender, race, and class, resting on theideology of Anglo, middle-class male dominance.

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The role of freshman writing in academic bibliographic instruction

he history of freshman writing programs and bibliographic instruction (BI) is reviewed to determine the extent to which freshman writing is used as a vehicle for BI, the perceptions of BI librarians, and the instruction methods used for the delivery of BI. Survey results are analyzed and recommendations made.

Let’s Put an End to Socialized Intellectual Property

Spoofs extreme ownship-centric views of intellectual property. 

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Soil Resource Inventory of Sequoia National Park, Central Part, California

The investigations undertaken in this project have provided a systematic study of the soils within a broad band of National Park land that includes the watersheds between the Marble and Middle Forks of the Kaweah River and the southerly side of Ash Peaks Ridge. The products of this study are: 1) a reconnaissance (Order 4) soil map and map unit descriptions of the selected area: and 2) ultra-detailed (Order 1) soil maps and map unit descriptions of three sites within the larger area at which long-range, intensive studies on the ecologic effects of acid precipitation are underway. The latter are: the Emerald Lake Area, the Log Meadow Area, and the Elk Creek Area.