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The International Organization of Citrus Virologists (IOCV), was established at the University of California (UC), Riverside in November 1957. As such the IOCV is affiliated with UC Riverside and more specifically has its base in the Department of Plant Pathology and Microbiology. Currently, the IOCV has over 170 members from 34 countries representing five Continents. For more information on IOCV please visit

In 1957 and every three years thereafter the IOCV has published the proceedings of its international conferences (18 volumes in total). These books contain a wealth of information in regard to major discoveries and breakthroughs in citrus pathology. In the business meeting of the 19th IOCV Conference in South Africa, it was decided that publication of the International Organization of Citrus Virologists Conference Proceedings (1957-2010)Journal of Citrus Pathology will be hosted on-line by eScholarship which supports publications affiliated with the University of California.

The change to the on-line format gives IOCV an opportunity to create a peer reviewed journal style publication that will further support research on citrus diseases. Such publications promote understanding among individuals, institutions and agencies concerned with citrus production and encourage their participation in the preparation and distribution of information useful in the study of citrus diseases.