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Mission, Scope, and History

Mission: The Journal of Critical Mixed Race Studies (JCMRS) is a peer-reviewed online journal published annually and dedicated to developing the field of Critical Mixed Race Studies (CMRS) through rigorous scholarship. JCMRS functions as an open-access forum for critical mixed race studies scholars and will be available without cost to anyone with access to the Internet.

Scope: JCMRS is transracial, transdisciplinary, and transnational in focus and emphasizes the critical analysis of the institutionalization of social, cultural, and political orders based on dominant conceptions and constructions of 'race.' JCMRS emphasizes the constructed nature and thus mutability of race and the porosity of racial boundaries in order to critique processes of racialization and social stratification based on race. JCMRS addresses local and global systemic injustices rooted in systems of racialization.

History of the Journal: In 2004, UC Santa Barbara sociology graduate student Josef Castañeda-Liles approached mixed race studies scholars G. Reginald Daniel, Paul Spickard, and Maria P.P. Root about founding a print Journal of Multiracial Studies. However, their idea would have to wait until the advent of online open-access peer-reviewed journals in order to become a reality. Launched in 2011, following the inaugural 2010 Critical Mixed Race Studies conference (DePaul University Nov 5-6, 2010 organized by Camilla Fojas, Laura Kina, and Wei Ming Dariotis), JCMRS is the first academic journal explicitly focused on critical mixed race studies. JCMRS was founded by G. Reginald Daniel, Wei Ming Dariotis, Laura Kina, and Paul Spickard.