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Policies and Submission Guidelines

JCMRS encourages both faculty and graduate students to submit articles throughout the year. Articles will be considered for publication on the basis of their contributions to important and current discussions in mixed race studies, and their scholarly competence and originality. Anyone may submit an original article to be considered for publication provided she/he owns the copyright to the work being submitted or is authorized by the copyright owner or owners to submit the manuscript. Authors are the initial owners of the copyrights to their works (an exception might exist if the authors have, as a condition of employment, agreed to transfer copyright to their employer). Article manuscripts should range between 15-30 double-spaced pages or 6,000 - 10,000 words, double spaced, Times New Roman 12-point font, left-margin justified, including endnotes and a bibliography, must follow the Chicago Manual of Style, 17th edition (Endnote and Bibliography Format) and include an abstract (not to exceed 250 words). The style guide for JCMRS can be found by following the above Chicago Manual of Style link.

Peer Review Process

There are 5 major steps to the peer review process: Upon receipt, each manuscript will be read by the Managing Editors to determine its suitability for publication prior to in-depth review. Manuscripts that are poorly prepared, of low technical quality, or otherwise inappropriate will be returned to the author(s) without additional review. All manuscripts initially approved by the Managing Editors will be reviewed anonymously by at least three scholars selected from a list of potential reviewers and/or members of the Editorial Review Board. The Managing Editors will review the reader reports and determine whether the manuscript should be:

  1. rejected
  2. returned to the author to be revised and resubmitted, or
  3. sent to the Editorial Review Board for the final decision

*Article manuscripts sent back to authors to be revised and resubmitted should be revised in a timely manner as directed. The Editorial Board will make the final decision as to:

  1. whether or not a manuscript is ready for publication, and
  2. if yes, which issue is the best fit for the manuscript

In rare cases, when the topic is important, the Editorial Board may provide suggestions as to how a rejected manuscript might be improved to warrant subsequent consideration. In such cases, the revised manuscript will be subject to the full review process.

After you submit your manuscript, we create an Adobe Acrobat (PDF) version of the submission. We then send you a message asking you to approve the PDF version. Please look it over within 5 business days. At this stage, we are unable to make any changes beyond the truly necessary. You will be notified by e-mail when the article is posted.

Who May Submit:

JCMRS only publishes materials about work conducted under the auspices of JCMRS. For additional information, please contact


A paper may be updated or removed from public view by sending a request to the editors. However, a citation to the original version of the paper will always remain on the site.

Author Review:

Authors are asked to review PDFs created from their papers within 5 business days of being sent the PDF. At this stage, we are unable to make any changes beyond the rare error that occurs in PDF conversion.

Rights and Permissions:

Before submitting a manuscript to the repository, please make certain that all necessary permissions have been cleared. You retain the copyright to your manuscript and grant us the nonexclusive right to publish this material, meaning that you may also publish it elsewhere.

Revisions of Your Paper:

If you publish this manuscript or a revised version elsewhere, for example in another journal, please send the citation of the new version to the journal. This will make it possible for us to inform repository users about the new version.

If you would like to post a revised version of your paper on the site, please follow the instructions in "How to Submit;" however, please specify when you submit the manuscript that it is a revision of a previously submitted version.

Rights for Authors

Authors retain copyright for all content published in Journal of Critical Mixed Race Studies (JCMRS). However, authors grant to the journal the right to make available such content, in any format, in perpetuity. Authors may reproduce, in other contexts, content to which they possess the copyright, although in any subsequent publications JCMRS should be acknowledged as the original publisher.

Rights for the Journal of Critical Mixed Race Studies (JCMRS)

The Journal of Critical Mixed Race Studies retains the non-exclusive right to make content available in any format in perpetuity. While authors may reproduce their work in other contexts, content published in the journal will not be removed from the website even if later published elsewhere. Authors must agree to the terms of publishing in the journal listed in the author agreement.

Rights of California Digital Library

The California Digital Library has the right to view and display, store and copy (for preservation purposes), and distribute all eScholarship Repository content. All eScholarship Repository content may be browsed and downloaded at no cost and with no access restrictions. Moreover, eScholarship makes every effort to ensure perpetual access to content that is loaded onto its platform. There are some instances, however, when copyright or other issues compel eScholarship to remove material. In such cases, the primary document may be taken down, but the metadata will always remain available. For more details on this policy, visit