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Center for Agroecology

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The Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems is a research, education, and public service program at the University of California, Santa Cruz, dedicated to increasing ecological sustainability and social justice in the food and agriculture system. Our mission is to research, develop, and advance sustainable food and agricultural systems that are environmentally sound, economically viable, socially responsible, nonexploitative, and that serve as a foundation for future generations. The Center's work covers a spectrum that includes both theoretical and applied research, academic education and practical training, and public service for audiences ranging from local school children to international agencies. The Center is a part of UCSC's Social Sciences Division.

On the UCSC campus the Center manages the 25-acre UCSC Farm and the 2-acre Alan Chadwick Garden as sites for teaching, training, and research in organic horticulture and agricutlure. Both sites are open to the public daily.

Dr. Daniel Press, Director
University of California, Santa Cruz
1156 High St.
Santa Cruz, CA 95064

Cover page of Onions and Leeks

Onions and Leeks


Describes techniques for growing onions and leeks, with an emphasis on choosing the variety appropriate for the day length of your region.

Cover page of A Garlic Primer

A Garlic Primer


Describes a wide range of garlic varieties and offers ideas for growing this popular crop using organic techniques.

Cover page of Peas for the Home Garden

Peas for the Home Garden


Describes organic cultivation tips for growing peas in the backyard garden. Includes varietal descriptions.

Cover page of Lettuce Offers a Palette of Taste, Textures, and Colors

Lettuce Offers a Palette of Taste, Textures, and Colors


Offers advice on growing this popular backyard crop, and discusses some of the many types of lettuce varieties available.

Cover page of Salad Mixes for the Home Garden

Salad Mixes for the Home Garden


Describes how to grow your own salad mix, including various categories of salad greens, timing, and cultural requirements. Includes recipe ideas.

Cover page of Garden Beans Offer Year-Round Source of Great Flavor, Nutrition

Garden Beans Offer Year-Round Source of Great Flavor, Nutrition


Offers growing information for a wide selection of garden beans, including how to put beans to use year-round in the kitchen.

Cover page of Peppers - From Sweet to Fiery

Peppers - From Sweet to Fiery


Offers information on climatic requirements, propagation, fertility, and irrigation for sweet and chile peppers. Includes varietal characteristics, recommendations, and seed sources.

Cover page of Building Fertile Soil

Building Fertile Soil


Offers ideas for ways to improve soil fertility and structure using cover crops, compost and organic amendments. Includes a brief primer on making compost.

Cover page of Cover Crops for the Garden

Cover Crops for the Garden


Describes cover crop uses in the home garden, including tips on varieties and seeding rates.

Cover page of Water Conservation Tips

Water Conservation Tips


Offers ideas for water-conserving irrigation techniques, including a brief overview of drip irrigation.