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The UCSC University Library, founded in 1965, is committed to intellectual freedom and the widest possible access to information. The University Library strengthens the UCSC academic enterprise by providing, presenting, and preserving a wide range of information resources. We utilize innovative approaches in working with faculty and students to help them discover, use, manage, and share the array of information that supports their research, teaching, and learning.

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Biographical References to Charley Parkhurst: Charley Parkhurst and Her Times

Charley Darkey Parkhurst (1812-1878) was a legendary stage-coach driver who, upon her death was discovered that  he was  a sheShe was the first woman to vote in the U. S., on Nov. 3, 1858.

Implementation Minus 40 Days: Considered Pragmatism Under Pressure

No library relishes the thought of a system migration. Preparations can take as long as time allows. Imagine the surprise and anxiety of the UCSC implementation team when we discovered that we would be going live with our new Alma environment 40 days sooner than our timeline had assumed. This presentation will detail how UCSC made quick and pragmatic decisions about what services and integrations were deemed necessary for go-live and what was saved for the other end. Though no one hopes for an accelerated timeline for go-live, our experience would be of interest to libraries planning migrations, as well as those libraries already in Alma, since many of our configurations and integrations have, by necessity, been implemented in our production environment. In our session, we will cover the communication, collaboration, management, and leadership that went into our rapid implementation. We will cover the choices we had to make, how we communicated with staff about the core competencies needed for go-live, the importance of data testing for our smooth implementation, and how much we did. As the resource management functional expert and the acquisitions functional expert, we were responsible for a large percentage of the migrated records and the decisions surrounding those records

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Assessing Student Demand for Library Hours at UC Santa Cruz

Poster presented at the 2014 ARL Assessment Conference, Seattle, WA. August 4-6, 2014

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Climate Change and Extinctions

The UCSC University Library Synergy Lecture Series is excited to welcome Distinguished Professor Dr. Barry Sinervo as our Synergy Lecturer for Spring 2013.  He will present a climate change extinction model that has been validated by known lizard extinctions, and explain how this model can be extended to other vertebrates.

Presented April 24, 2013, 3-4pm in the  Ching-Yi Dougherty Reading Room of the UCSC Science & Engineering Library.

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