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Cover page of Elevator Pitch Exercise Template and Examples

Elevator Pitch Exercise Template and Examples


Use this elevator pitch template for exercises to create a concise and compelling job position or project description. Examples of the template are included describing two librarian positions as well as an open access policy. The template can be modified to describe a product, organization, or idea.

Cover page of Ethics and Open Science

Ethics and Open Science


Open science, the movement to open up the products of scientific research, has the potential to make biomedical research more transparent, reproducible, and equitable. However, as research practices and requirements evolve we are faced with new ethical questions around data ownership, participant consent, and paywalls. This talk will give an overview of the current state of open science in biomedical research and hopefully spark a dialogue about the ethics of practicing science in the open.

Cover page of A Reproducibility Workshop Series for Biomedical Researchers

A Reproducibility Workshop Series for Biomedical Researchers


The Library, Graduate Division, and Open Science Group at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) collaborated in the Fall of 2019 on a credit-bearing workshop series on biomedical reproducibility. The series was targeted at UCSF graduate students and researchers and designed to satisfy NIH Rigor and Reproducibility requirements. In addition to covering open data, open code, open protocols, and open access, this workshop series included sessions on designing rigorous experiments, engaging with new forms of peer review, and building a reproducible lab. The goal of this project was for subject experts to provide hands-on training that will improve research workflows, stimulate conversations about open science and research reproducibility, and build an open curriculum that can be replicated by other institutions. This talk describes this innovative workshop series and reports on pre-workshop assessments of researchers' knowledge and behaviors regarding reproducibility.

Increasing Results to Federal Funded Research Results


Presented at the 2015 American Library Association Annual Meeting