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About UCLA Grand Challenges

About UCLA Grand Challenges

UCLA Grand Challenges are ambitious research projects that connect hundreds of faculty, students, community members and leading experts across every field to solve society’s toughest problems. Developed through an intensive faculty working group ideation process started in 2012 and supported by UCLA leadership, the Sustainable LA Grand Challenge (launched in 2013) and the Depression Grand Challenge (launched in 2015) are the biggest, most collaborative, and potentially most transformative efforts UCLA has undertaken to date, and the discoveries and scholarship produced are delivering real benefit to California, the Nation, and the world. Learn more about the initiative on our website.

About the Sustainable LA Grand Challenge

The goal of this Grand Challenge is to transition Los Angeles County to 100 percent renewable energy, 100 percent locally sourced water, and enhanced ecosystem and human health by 2050. Please see the website and eScholarship page for more information.

About the Depression Grand Challenge

The goal of this Grand Challenge is to cut the burden of depression in half by 2050 and eliminate it by the end of the century. The approach to this Grand Challenge focuses on four interrelated components: discovery neuroscience to understand how depression arises; a 100K patient study to reveal the genetic and environmental factors at play with depression; an innovative treatment network focused on providing the most appropriate and evidence-based treatment; and research focused on understanding and eliminating the stigma associated with depression. Please see the website for more information.

About the Community of Practice for University-Led Grand Challenges

The Community of Practice for University-Led Grand Challenges (COP-UGC) was established to facilitate peer support among leaders of university-led Grand Challenge programs. This community of practice is envisioned as a stand-alone, informal, peer-organized body, open to all university representatives actively involved in managing the development or implementation of a Grand Challenge program (including both campus-wide programs and specific Grand Challenges).  If you are interested in joining the Community of Practice google group, please express interest through this link:!forum/universitygcs.