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LingProof proofreading service

If you are considering submitting to Glossa Psycholinguistics but you don’t feel confident in your English, consider taking part in the LingProof pilot program!

What is LingProof?

LingProof is a community of linguists who want to help combat the linguistic discrimination that arises from the anglocentric scientific publishing model in the language sciences.

For that purpose, LingProof has started a database of colleagues who offer to voluntarily proofread papers written by their non-anglophone peers. The idea is that papers can be proofread before being subjected to the peer review process, aiming to address potential language-related issues that could obscure the scientific quality of the paper.

Learn more here.

What is the pilot program?

LingProof's long-term goal is that this proofreading service will be available for all journals in linguistics and the language sciences that adhere to the FAIR principles. In order to properly develop the service, LingProof is first piloting their program in partnership with Glossa Psycholinguistics.

How can I participate?

Here is how it works:

  1. When you submit your article, please indicate your interest in participating on the pilot program either by adding a sentence to your cover letter or contacting directly via email one of the co-Editors-in-Chief, Brian Dillon ( or Fernanda Ferreira (

  2. The co-Editors-in-Chief will then send your anonymized manuscript to LingProof while they assign an editor to your manuscript.

  3. Your manuscript will then be revised by two of LingProof's proofreaders and will be returned to you with suggestions within a period of two weeks.

  4. You can then accept or reject these suggestions without any justification, and submit your revised manuscript to start the reviewing process!