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Special collections

Glossa Psycholinguistics is pleased to invite proposals for Special Collections. Special Collections are collections of papers devoted to a particular topic, edited by a team of guest editors. Special Collections at Glossa Psycholinguistics will be accompanied by an open call for papers on a particular topic. They may also include invited contributions, however all contributions to special collections will undergo the same double-masked peer review process as any submission to Glossa Psycholinguistics.

Our hope is that Special Collections will 1) highlight current areas of research or share perspectives on current debates in the field. and 2) reflect the state of the art in a given area that reflects the diversity of the community. All proposals will be evaluted by the Glossa Psycholinguistics editors. Proposals for special issues should be sent to In the proposal, please include:

  • The proposed title of the special collection.
  • The goal of the special collection.
  • A statement of relevance to current research and debates in psycholinguistics. We will prioritize proposals that make a clear and compelling case that the Special Collection contributes to active, visible areas of research in psycholinguistics. 
  • Relevant background for the proposal.
  • A selection of key recent publications in this area that highlight the state of the art in your topic . 
  • A projected maximum length of the Special Collection. 
  • A list of potential contributors, and potential invited contributions.
  • A proposed timeline: Please note the deadline for the first submissions, completion of the first round of reviews, deadline for revisions, and anticipated publication date.