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Glossa Psycholinguistics

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How to submit

Manuscripts should be submitted electronically via Janeway.

Submitted files should be pdfs. Please ensure all identifying information has been removed.

To begin your submission, select the Submit button in the header at the top of this page.

You are encouraged to use your ORCiD ID to log in to Janeway, but if you prefer you may create a separate account for the journal. Once a submission has been completed, the submitting author is able to fully track the status of the paper and complete requested revisions via their online profile.

Submitted manuscripts should follow the guidelines stated in "Structure of Submissions and Style Sheet" under the "For Authors" tab. 

Please add a word count (including footnotes and references) directly below the paper title. The word count should not exceed 15,000 for regular submissions, and it should not exceed 3,000 words for brief submissions, excluding references. Please convert your paper into a single PDF containing all tables and figures. Separate image files will be requested if the submission is accepted for publication. Non-PDF files or separately provided files may be returned prior to review.

All files must be anonymized during the initial submission to respect our double masked peer review process. Only after editorial acceptance should you add author details to the manuscript files.