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Experimental identification of the T=1, Jπ=6+ state of Co54 and isospin symmetry in A=54 studied via one-nucleon knockout reactions


New experimental data obtained from γ-ray tagged one-neutron and one-proton knockout from Co55 are presented. A candidate for the sought-after T=1,Tz=0,Jπ=6+ state in Co54 is proposed based on a comparison to the new data on Fe54, the corresponding observables predicted by large-scale-shell-model (LSSM) calculations in the full fp-model space employing charge-dependent contributions, and isospin-symmetry arguments. Furthermore, possible isospin-symmetry breaking in the A=54, T=1 triplet is studied by calculating the experimental c coefficients of the isobaric mass multiplet equation (IMME) up to the maximum possible spin J=6 expected for the (1f7/2)-2 two-hole configuration relative to the doubly magic nucleus Ni56. The experimental quantities are compared to the theoretically predicted c coefficients from LSSM calculations using two-body matrix elements obtained from a realistic chiral effective field theory potential at next-to-next-to-next-to-leading order (N3LO).

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