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Hunting the Scalar Glueball: Prospects for BES III


The search for the ground state scalar glueball $G_0$ is reviewed. Spin zero glueballs will have unique dynamical properties if the $$ amplitude is suppressed by chiral symmetry, as it is to all orders in perturbation theory: for instance, mixing of $G_0$ with $\overline qq$ mesons would be suppressed, radiative $\jp$ decay would be a filter for new physics in the spin zero channel, and the decay $G_0 \rightarrow \overline KK$ could be enhanced relative to $G_0 \rightarrow \pi \pi$. These properties are consistent with the identification of $f_0(1710)$ as the largely unmixed ground state scalar glueball, while recent BES data implies that $f_0(1500)$ does not contain the dominant glueball admixture. Three hypotheses are discussed: that $G_0$ is 1) predominantly $f_0(1500)$ or 2) predominantly $f_0(1710)$ or 3) is strongly mixed between $f_0(1500)$ and $f_0(1710)$.

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