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Distributed Memory Parallel Markov Random Fields Using Graph Partitioning


Markov random fields (MRF) based algorithms have attracted a large amount of interest in image analysis due to their ability to exploit contextual information about data. Image data generated by experimental facilities, though, continues to grow larger and more complex, making it more difficult to analyze in a reasonable amount of time. Applying image processing algorithms to large datasets requires alternative approaches to circumvent performance problems. Aiming to provide scientists with a new tool to recover valuable information from such datasets, we developed a general purpose distributed memory parallel MRF-based image analysis framework (MPI-PMRF). MPI-PMRF overcomes performance and memory limitations by distributing data and computations across processors. The proposed approach was successfully tested with synthetic and experimental datasets. Additionally, the performance of the MPI-PMRF framework is analyzed through a detailed scalability study. We show that a performance increase is obtained while maintaining an accuracy of the segmentation results higher than 98%. The contributions of this paper are: (a) development of a distributed memory MRF framework; (b) measurement of the performance increase of the proposed approach; (c) verification of segmentation accuracy in both synthetic and experimental, real-world datasets.

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