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Two‐Dimensional Covalent and Supramolecular Polymers: From Monolayer to Bilayer and the Thicker


Selective preparation of two-dimensional polymers (2DPs) and supramolecular polymers (2DSPs) with defined thickness is crucially important for controlling and maximizing their functions, yet it has remained as a synthetic challenge. In the past decade, several approaches have been developed to allow selective preparation of discrete monolayer 2DPs and 2DSPs. Recently, crystal exfoliation and self-assembly strategies have been employed to successfully prepare bilayer 2DP and 2DSP, which represent the first step towards the controlled "growth" of 2D polymers from the thinnest monolayers to thicker few-layers along the third dimension. This Concept review discusses the concept of accurate synthesis of 2D polymers with defined layers. Advances in this research area will pave the way to rational synthetic strategies for 2D polymers with controlled thickness.

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