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Interplay of negative electronic compressibility and capacitance enhancement in lightly-doped metal oxide Bi0.95La0.05FeO3 by quantum capacitance model


Light-sensitive capacitance variation of Bi0.95La0.05FeO3 (BLFO) ceramics has been studied under violet to UV irradiation. The reversible capacitance enhancement up to 21% under 405 nm violet laser irradiation has been observed, suggesting a possible degree of freedom to dynamically control this in high dielectric materials for light-sensitive capacitance applications. By using ultraviolet photoemission spectroscopy (UPS), we show here that exposure of BLFO surfaces to UV light induces a counterintuitive shift of the O2p valence state to lower binding energy of up to 243 meV which is a direct signature of negative electronic compressibility (NEC). A decrease of BLFO electrical resistance agrees strongly with the UPS data suggesting the creation of a thin conductive layer on its insulating bulk under light irradiation. By exploiting the quantum capacitance model, we find that the negative quantum capacitance due to this NEC effect plays an important role in this capacitance enhancement.

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