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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Level structures of Rh from gammasphere measurem ents on Cf

  • Author(s): Luo, Y.X.
  • Wu, S.C.
  • Gilat, J.
  • Rasmussen, J.O.
  • Hamilton, J.H.
  • Ramayya, A.V.
  • Hwang, J.K.
  • Beyer, C.J.
  • Zhu, S.J.
  • Kormicki, J.
  • Zhang, X.Q.
  • Jones, E.F.
  • Gore, P.M.
  • Lee, I-Yang
  • Zielinski, P.
  • Folden, C.M.
  • Ginter, T.N.
  • Fallon, P.
  • Ter-Akopian, G.M.
  • Daniel, A.V.
  • Stoyer, M.A.
  • Cole, J.D.
  • Donangelo, R.
  • Asztalos, S.J.
  • Gelberg, A.
  • et al.

Using Gammasphere data on prompt gamma rays from spontaneous fission of 252Cf, we propose energy-level schemes for 110,111,112, & 113Rh (Z=45). The fission-gamma data complement earlier studies of others on beta decay of fission products in that prompt fission gammas mainly populate yrast or near-yrast levels, while beta decay populates lower-spin levels. For the odd-A rhodium nuclei studied here, their ground bands and collective sidebands are compared with model calculations using triaxial-shaped nucleus with one odd quasi-proton. The energies and E2 transition rates are best fit by a shape slightly to the prolate side of maximum triaxiality, namely, gamma = 28 deg. The model calculations also show a K=1/2+ band with energies not in good agreement with a corresponding exerimental band. The experimental 1/2+ band is regarded as an intruder band from a prolate-driving proton orbital 1/2[431] above the Z=50 closed shell. This intruder band, seen in other odd-A Rh isotopes, is probably more deformed and prolate and would not be expected to be fit at the same triaxial shape parameter as the 7/2+ ground band. We observe a band-crossing (backbending) in the odd-A ground bands above spins of about 21/2. The odd-odd nuclei 110 and 112 Rh show mainly a single band with no backbending up to higherfrequency than the backbend in the odd-A isotopes. It is concluded that the backbend is due to alignment of a pair of h11/2 neutrons.

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