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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Tunable axial gauge fields in engineered Weyl semimetals: Semiclassical analysis and optical lattice implementations

  • Author(s): Roy, S
  • Kolodrubetz, M
  • Goldman, N
  • Grushin, AG
  • et al.

In this work, we describe a toolbox to realize and probe synthetic axial gauge fields in engineered Weyl semimetals. These synthetic electromagnetic fields, which are sensitive to the chirality associated with Weyl nodes, emerge due to spatially and temporally dependent shifts of the corresponding Weyl momenta. First, we introduce two realistic models, inspired by recent cold-atom developments, which are particularly suitable for the exploration of these synthetic axial gauge fields. Second, we describe how to realize and measure the effects of such axial fields through center-ofmass observables, based on semiclassical equations of motion and exact numerical simulations. In particular, we suggest realistic protocols to reveal an axial Hall response due to the axial electric field E5, as well as axial cyclotron orbits and chiral pseudo-magnetic effect due to the axial magnetic field B5.

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