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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Precise predictions for Λb → Λc semileptonic decays

  • Author(s): Bernlochner, FU
  • Ligeti, Z
  • Robinson, DJ
  • Sutcliffe, WL
  • et al.

We calculate the Λb→Λc?ν form factors and decay rates for all possible b→c?ν four-Fermi interactions beyond the Standard Model, including nonzero charged lepton masses and terms up to order αsΛQCD/mc,b and ΛQCD2/mc2 in the heavy quark effective theory. At this order, we obtain model independent predictions for semileptonic Λb→Λc decays in terms of only two unknown sub-subleading Isgur-Wise functions, which can be determined from fitting LHCb and lattice QCD data. We thus obtain model independent results for Λb→Λc?ν decays, including predictions for the ratio R(Λc)=B(Λb→Λcτν)/B(Λb→Λcμν) in the presence of new physics, that are more precise than prior results in the literature, and systematically improvable with better data on the decays with μ (or e) in the final state. We also explore tests of factorization in Λb→Λcπ decays, and we emphasize the importance of measuring at LHCb the double differential rate d2Γ(Λb→Λc?ν)/(dq2dcosθ), in addition to the q2 spectrum.

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