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Life cycle assessment of white roof and sedum-tray garden roof for office buildings in China

  • Author(s): Shi, D
  • Gao, Y
  • Guo, R
  • Levinson, R
  • Sun, Z
  • Li, B
  • et al.

© 2018 Elsevier Ltd White roof (WR) and Sedum lineare tray garden roof (STGR) have been convinced to improve the energy-efficiency and provide various benefits for conventional impervious grey roofs. Some national and local standards have standardized and recommended these technologies in existing building retrofits, however, they do not include assessment and choice of a particular roof retrofit in different climates. This paper presents a 40-year life-cycle cost analysis (LCCA) of an office building roof retrofitted by adding either WR or STGR over an existing grey roof in five cities, located in four Chinese climate zones. The LCCA find that the WR retrofits exhibit positive life-cycle net savings (NS) in warm winter zones, ranging 5.7–35.1 CNY/m 2 , and STGR retrofits have negative NS of -81.3– -16.7 CNY/m 2 in all climate zones. The NS of both WR and STGR generally tend to improve as one moves from the coldest cities to the warmest cities. LCCA results suggest that adding new building codes concerning crediting or prescribing WR and STGR retrofits into office buildings with grey roofs in hot summer climate zones and warm winter zone in China, respectively. And featured by more specific requirements, the localized Technical Norms help promote the implementation of new building codes.

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