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Open Access Publications from the University of California

SReplay: Deterministic sub-group replay for one-sided communication

  • Author(s): Qian, X
  • Sen, K
  • Hargrove, P
  • Iancu, C
  • et al.

© 2016 ACM. Replay of parallel execution is required by HPC debuggers and resilience mechanisms. Up-to-date, there is no existing deterministic replay solution for one-sided communication. The essential problem is that the readers of updated data do not have any information on which remote threads produced the updates, the conventional happens-before based ordering tracking techniques are challenging to work at scale. This paper presents SReplay, the first software tool for sub-group deterministic record and replay for one-sided communication. SReplay allows the user to specify and record the execution of a set of threads of interest (sub-group), and then deterministically replays the execution of the sub-group on a local machine without starting the remaining threads. SReplay ensures sub-group determinism using a hybrid dataand order-replay technique. SReplay maintains scalability by a combination of local logging and approximative event order tracking within sub-group. Our evaluation on deterministic and nondeterministic UPC programs shows that SReplay introduces an overhead ranging from 1:3× to 29×, when running on 1,024 cores and tracking up to 16 threads.

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