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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Structural investigations of La0.6Sr0.4FeO3−δ under reducing conditions: kinetic and thermodynamic limitations for phase transformations and iron exsolution phenomena

  • Author(s): Götsch, T
  • Schlicker, L
  • Bekheet, MF
  • Doran, A
  • Grünbacher, M
  • Praty, C
  • Tada, M
  • Matsui, H
  • Ishiguro, N
  • Gurlo, A
  • Klötzer, B
  • Penner, S
  • et al.

A dependence of structural transformation and iron exsolution on chemical environment and reducing conditions is proven for the perovskite La0.6Sr0.4FeO3−δ.

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