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The FLASHForward facility at DESY

  • Author(s): Aschikhin, A
  • Behrens, C
  • Bohlen, S
  • Dale, J
  • Delbos, N
  • Di Lucchio, L
  • Elsen, E
  • Erbe, JH
  • Felber, M
  • Foster, B
  • Goldberg, L
  • Grebenyuk, J
  • Gruse, JN
  • Hidding, B
  • Hu, Z
  • Karstensen, S
  • Knetsch, A
  • Kononenko, O
  • Libov, V
  • Ludwig, K
  • Maier, AR
  • Martinez De La Ossa, A
  • Mehrling, T
  • Palmer, CAJ
  • Pannek, F
  • Schaper, L
  • Schlarb, H
  • Schmidt, B
  • Schreiber, S
  • Schwinkendorf, JP
  • Steel, H
  • Streeter, M
  • Tauscher, G
  • Wacker, V
  • Weichert, S
  • Wunderlich, S
  • Zemella, J
  • Osterhoff, J
  • et al.

The FLASHForward project at DESY is a pioneering plasma-wakefield acceleration experiment that aims to produce, in a few centimetres of ionised hydrogen, beams with energy of order GeV that are of quality sufficient to be used in a free-electron laser. The plasma is created by ionising a gas in a gas cell with a multi-TW laser system. The plasma wave will be driven by high-current-density electron beams from the FLASH linear accelerator. The laser system can also be used to provide optical diagnostics of the plasma and electron beams due to the <30 fs synchronisation between the laser and the driving electron beam. The project will explore both external and internal witness-beam injection techniques. The operation parameters of the experiment are discussed, as well as the scientific programme.

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