The CDEX-1 1 kg Point-Contact Germanium Detector for Low Mass Dark Matter Searches
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Open Access Publications from the University of California

The CDEX-1 1 kg Point-Contact Germanium Detector for Low Mass Dark Matter Searches

  • Author(s): Kang, K-J
  • Yue, Q
  • Wu, Y-C
  • Cheng, J-P
  • Li, Y-J
  • Bai, Y
  • Bi, Y
  • Chang, J-P
  • Chen, N
  • Chen, N
  • Chen, Q-H
  • Chen, Y-H
  • Chuang, Y-C
  • Dend, Z
  • Du, Q
  • Gong, H
  • Hao, X-Q
  • He, Q-J
  • Hu, X-H
  • Huang, H-X
  • Huang, T-R
  • Jiang, H
  • Li, H-B
  • Li, J-M
  • Li, J
  • Li, J
  • Li, X
  • Li, X-Y
  • Li, X-Q
  • Li, Y-L
  • Liao, H-Y
  • Lin, F-K
  • Lin, S-T
  • Liu, S-K
  • Lv, L-C
  • Ma, H
  • Mao, S-J
  • Qin, J-Q
  • Ren, J
  • Ren, J
  • Ruan, X-C
  • Shen, M-B
  • Singh, L
  • Singh, MK
  • Soma, AK
  • Su, J
  • Tang, C-J
  • Tseng, C-H
  • Wang, J-M
  • Wang, L
  • Wang, Q
  • Wong, T-KH
  • Wu, S-Y
  • Wu, W
  • Wu, Y-C
  • Xing, H-Y
  • Xu, Y
  • Xue, T
  • Yang, L-T
  • Yang, S-W
  • Yi, N
  • Yu, C-X
  • Yu, H
  • Yu, X-Z
  • Zeng, X-H
  • Zeng, Z
  • Zhang, L
  • Zhang, Y-H
  • Zhao, M-G
  • Zhao, W
  • Zhong, S-N
  • Zhou, Z-Y
  • Zhu, J-J
  • Zhu, W-B
  • Zhu, X-Z
  • Zhu, Z-H
  • et al.

The CDEX Collaboration has been established for direct detection of light dark matter particles, using ultra-low energy threshold p-type point-contact germanium detectors, in China JinPing underground Laboratory (CJPL). The first 1 kg point-contact germanium detector with a sub-keV energy threshold has been tested in a passive shielding system located in CJPL. The outputs from both the point-contact p+ electrode and the outside n+ electrode make it possible to scan the lower energy range of less than 1 keV and at the same time to detect the higher energy range up to 3 MeV. The outputs from both p+ and n+ electrode may also provide a more powerful method for signal discrimination for dark matter experiment. Some key parameters, including energy resolution, dead time, decay times of internal X-rays, and system stability, have been tested and measured. The results show that the 1 kg point-contact germanium detector, together with its shielding system and electronics, can run smoothly with good performances. This detector system will be deployed for dark matter search experiments.

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