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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Ultra-low blaze angle gratings for synchrotron and free electron laser applications.

  • Author(s): Voronov, DL
  • Gullikson, EM
  • Padmore, HA
  • et al.

We have developed a method for the manufacture of x-ray diffraction gratings with arbitrarily small blaze angles. These gratings are made by a process in which a high blaze angle grating made by anisotropic etching of Si (111) is subjected to planarization and reactive ion etching. Differential etching of the planarization medium and silicon ensures reduction of the blaze angle. Repeated application of this process leads to gratings of increasing perfection with an arbitrarily small blaze angle. This opens the way to highly efficient low line density gratings, to damage resistant gratings for ultra-high power applications such as free electron lasers, and for extension of the use of gratings into the hard x-ray energy range for dispersive spectroscopy.

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