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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Design, Installation, and Performance of a Delay Tolerant Seismic Network in Mexico (SEI 1)

  • Author(s): Allen Husker
  • Igor Stubailo
  • Martin Lukac
  • Alma Quezada
  • Steven Skinner
  • Irving Flores
  • Paul Davis
  • Richard Guy
  • Deborah Estrin
  • et al.

An overview of Mexican subduction is presented; including young lithosphere, flat slab subduction, and current knowledge of the position of the subducting Cocos and Rivera plates. North of the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt (TMVB) those positions become unclear. Geochemical analysis suggests that there may be a slab tear causing mafic volcanism along the northern edge of the (TMVB). A torn slab would suggest that the properties of subduction (i.e. possibly the age of the lithosphere and rate of subduction) have changed since its initiation. Moreover, a stub slab is sufficient to maintain subduction.

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