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Status and future plans of the PEP-II B-factory


The PEP-II e+e-collider has been operating for two years with the BaBar detector at the energy of the Upsilon 4S resonance. The peak luminosity has reached 3.3 ×1033/cm2/s with 693 bunches with a positron current of 1.5 A and an electron current of 0.8 A. PEP-II has delivered in excess of 38 fb-1 of data to BaBar. The beam-beam tune shift limits are approaching 0.05-0.07 horizontally and 0.03-0.05 vertically. The electron cloud instability ECI enlarges the positron beam size at high currents but is reduced by a solenoidal field on the vacuum chambers. The beam currents in PEP-II are being raised to increase the number of bunches and the luminosity. Over the next few years the luminosity goal for PEP-II is 1034/cm2/s.

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