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Targeted Writing and Deleting of Magnetic Skyrmions in Two-Terminal Nanowire Devices.


Controllable writing and deleting of nanoscale magnetic skyrmions are key requirements for their use as information carriers for next-generation memory and computing technologies. While several schemes have been proposed, they require complex fabrication techniques or precisely tailored electrical inputs, which limits their long-term scalability. Here, we demonstrate an alternative approach for writing and deleting skyrmions using conventional electrical pulses within a simple, two-terminal wire geometry. X-ray microscopy experiments and micromagnetic simulations establish the observed skyrmion creation and annihilation as arising from Joule heating and Oersted field effects of the current pulses, respectively. The unique characteristics of these writing and deleting schemes, such as spatial and temporal selectivity, together with the simplicity of the two-terminal device architecture, provide a flexible and scalable route to the viable applications of skyrmions.

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