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Atomic layer deposition for spacer defined double patterning of sub-10 nm titanium dioxide features


The next generation of hard disk drive technology for data storage densities beyond 5 Tb/in2 will require single-bit patterning of features with sub-10 nm dimensions by nanoimprint lithography. To address this challenge master templates are fabricated using pattern multiplication with atomic layer deposition (ALD). Sub-10 nm lithography requires a solid understanding of materials and their interactions. In this work we study two important oxide materials, silicon dioxide and titanium dioxide, as the pattern spacer and look at their interactions with carbon, chromium and silicon dioxide. We found that thermal titanium dioxide ALD allows for the conformal deposition of a spacer layer without damaging the carbon mandrel and eliminates the surface modification due to the reactivity of the metal-organic precursor. Finally, using self-assembled block copolymer lithography and thermal titanium dioxide spacer fabrication, we demonstrate pattern doubling with 7.5 nm half-pitch spacer features.

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