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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Tunable Plasma-Based Energy Dechirper.

  • Author(s): D'Arcy, R
  • Wesch, S
  • Aschikhin, A
  • Bohlen, S
  • Behrens, C
  • Garland, MJ
  • Goldberg, L
  • Gonzalez, P
  • Knetsch, A
  • Libov, V
  • de la Ossa, A Martinez
  • Meisel, M
  • Mehrling, TJ
  • Niknejadi, P
  • Poder, K
  • Röckemann, J-H
  • Schaper, L
  • Schmidt, B
  • Schröder, S
  • Palmer, C
  • Schwinkendorf, J-P
  • Sheeran, B
  • Streeter, MJV
  • Tauscher, G
  • Wacker, V
  • Osterhoff, J
  • et al.

A tunable plasma-based energy dechirper has been developed at FLASHForward to remove the correlated energy spread of a 681 MeV electron bunch. Through the interaction of the bunch with wakefields excited in plasma the projected energy spread was reduced from a FWHM of 1.31% to 0.33% without reducing the stability of the incoming beam. The experimental results for variable plasma density are in good agreement with analytic predictions and three-dimensional simulations. The proof-of-principle dechirping strength of 1.8  GeV/mm/m significantly exceeds those demonstrated for competing state-of-the-art techniques and may be key to future plasma wakefield-based free-electron lasers and high energy physics facilities, where large intrinsic chirps need to be removed.

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