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Indication of a twist-grain-boundary-twist-bend phase of flexible core bent-shape chiral dimers.

  • Author(s): Murachver, Matthew T
  • Nemati, Ahlam
  • Salamończyk, Mirosław
  • Bullock, Carson
  • Sabata, Zachary
  • Rahmani, Haumed
  • Vorobiova, Tetiana
  • Izadnegahdar, Alain
  • Salili, Seyyed Muhammad
  • Norman, Victoria
  • Zhu, Chenhui
  • Hegmann, Torsten
  • Sprunt, Samuel N
  • Gleeson, James T
  • Jakli, Antal I
  • et al.

The effect of the molecular chirality of chiral additives on the nanostructure of the twist-bend nematic (NTB) liquid crystal phase with ambidextrous chirality and nanoscale pitch due to spontaneous symmetry breaking is studied. It is found that the ambidextrous nanoscale pitch of the NTB phase increases by 50% due to 3% chiral additive, and the chiral transfer among the biphenyl groups disappears in the NTB* phase. Most significantly, a twist-grain boundary (TGB) type phase is found at c > 1.5 wt% chiral additive concentrations below the usual N* phase and above the non-CD active NTB* phase. In such a TGB type phase, the adjacent blocks of pseudo-layers of the nanoscale pitch rotate across the grain boundaries.

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