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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Developing the Physics Design for NDCX-II, a Unique Pulse Compression Ion Accelerator

  • Author(s): Friedman, A.
  • Barnard, J. J.
  • Cohen, R. H.
  • Grote, D. P.
  • Lund, S. M.
  • Sharp, W. M.
  • Faltens, A.
  • Henestroza, E.
  • Jung, J-Y.
  • Kwan, J. W.
  • Lee, E. P.
  • Leitner, M. A.
  • Logan, B. G.
  • Vay, J.-L.
  • Waldron, W. L.
  • Davidson, R. C.
  • Dorf, M.
  • Gilson, E. P.
  • Kaganovich, I.
  • et al.
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