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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Lifetime measurements of C 17 excited states and three-body and continuum effects

  • Author(s): Smalley, D
  • Iwasaki, H
  • Navrátil, P
  • Roth, R
  • Langhammer, J
  • Bader, VM
  • Bazin, D
  • Berryman, JS
  • Campbell, CM
  • Dohet-Eraly, J
  • Fallon, P
  • Gade, A
  • Langer, C
  • Lemasson, A
  • Loelius, C
  • Macchiavelli, AO
  • Morse, C
  • Parker, J
  • Quaglioni, S
  • Recchia, F
  • Stroberg, SR
  • Weisshaar, D
  • Whitmore, K
  • Wimmer, K
  • et al.

© 2015 American Physical Society. We studied transition rates for the lowest 1/2+ and 5/2+ excited states of C17 through lifetime measurements with the GRETINA array using the recoil-distance method. The present measurements provide a model-independent determination of transition strengths giving the values of B(M1;1/2+→3/2g.s.+)=1.04-0.12+0.03×10-2μN2 and B(M1;5/2+→3/2g.s.+)=7.12-0.96+1.27×10-2μN2. The quenched M1 transition strength for the 1/2+→3/2g.s.+ transition, with respect to the 5/2+→3/2g.s.+ transition, has been confirmed with greater precision. The current data are compared to importance-truncated no-core shell model calculations addressing effects due to continuum and three-body forces.

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