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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Intrinsic insulating ground state in transition metal dichalcogenide TiSe2

  • Author(s): Campbell, DJ
  • Eckberg, C
  • Zavalij, PY
  • Kung, HH
  • Razzoli, E
  • Michiardi, M
  • Jozwiak, C
  • Bostwick, A
  • Rotenberg, E
  • Damascelli, A
  • Paglione, J
  • et al.

The transition metal dichalcogenide TiSe2 has received significant research attention over the past four decades. Different studies have presented ways to suppress the 200 K charge-density-wave transition, vary lowerature resistivity by several orders of magnitude, and stabilize magnetism or superconductivity. Here we give the results of a synthesis technique whereby samples were grown in a high-pressure environment with up to 180 bar of argon gas. Above 100 K, properties are nearly unchanged from previous reports, but a distinct hysteretic resistance region begins around 80 K, accompanied by insulating lowerature behavior. An accompanying decrease in carrier concentration is seen in Hall effect measurements, and photoemission data show a removal of an electron pocket from the Fermi surface in an insulating sample. We conclude that high inert gas pressure synthesis accesses an underlying nonmetallic ground state in a material long speculated to be an excitonic insulator.

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