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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Recoil-α-fission and recoil-α-α-fission events observed in the reaction 48Ca + 243Am

  • Author(s): Forsberg, U
  • Rudolph, D
  • Andersson, LL
  • Di Nitto, A
  • Düllmann, CE
  • Fahlander, C
  • Gates, JM
  • Golubev, P
  • Gregorich, KE
  • Gross, CJ
  • Herzberg, RD
  • Heßberger, FP
  • Khuyagbaatar, J
  • Kratz, JV
  • Rykaczewski, K
  • Sarmiento, LG
  • Schädel, M
  • Yakushev, A
  • Åberg, S
  • Ackermann, D
  • Block, M
  • Brand, H
  • Carlsson, BG
  • Cox, D
  • Derkx, X
  • Dobaczewski, J
  • Eberhardt, K
  • Even, J
  • Gerl, J
  • Jäger, E
  • Kindler, B
  • Krier, J
  • Kojouharov, I
  • Kurz, N
  • Lommel, B
  • Mistry, A
  • Mokry, C
  • Nazarewicz, W
  • Nitsche, H
  • Omtvedt, JP
  • Papadakis, P
  • Ragnarsson, I
  • Runke, J
  • Schaffner, H
  • Schausten, B
  • Shi, Y
  • Thörle-Pospiech, P
  • Torres, T
  • Traut, T
  • Trautmann, N
  • Türler, A
  • Ward, A
  • Ward, DE
  • Wiehl, N
  • et al.

Products of the fusion-evaporation reaction Ca + Am were studied with the TASISpec set-up at the gas-filled separator TASCA at the GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung, Darmstadt, Germany. Amongst the detected thirty correlated α-decay chains associated with the production of element Z=115, two recoil-α-fission and five recoil-α-α-fission events were observed. The latter five chains are similar to four such events reported from experiments performed at the Dubna gas-filled separator, and three such events reported from an experiment at the Berkeley gas-filled separator. The four chains observed at the Dubna gas-filled separator were assigned to start from the 2n-evaporation channel 115 due to the fact that these recoil-α-α-fission events were observed only at low excitation energies. Contrary to this interpretation, we suggest that some of these recoil-α-α-fission decay chains, as well as some of the recoil-α-α-fission and recoil-α-fission decay chains reported from Berkeley and in this article, start from the 3n-evaporation channel 115. 48 243 289 288

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