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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Direct observation of spin-orbit-induced 3d hybridization via resonant inelastic extreme ultraviolet scattering on an edge-sharing cuprate

  • Author(s): Malvestuto, M
  • Caretta, A
  • Casarin, B
  • Ciprian, R
  • Dell'Angela, M
  • Laterza, S
  • Chuang, YD
  • Wurth, W
  • Revcolevschi, A
  • Wray, LA
  • Parmigiani, F
  • et al.

Using high resolution resonant inelastic x-ray scattering measurements, we have observed that the orbital excitations of the quasi-1D spin chain compound CuGeO3 has nontrivial and noticeable orbital mixing effects from 3d valence spin-orbit coupling. In particular, the SOC leads to a significant correction of dz2 state, which has a direct interplay with the low energy physics of cuprates. Guided by atomic multiplet based modeling, our results strongly support a 3d spin-orbit mixing scenario and explore in detail the nature of these excitations.

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