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Open Access Publications from the University of California

A preliminary design of a knot undulator

  • Author(s): Xi, Fuchun
  • Shi, Tan
  • Fan, Qingyan
  • Prestemon, Soren
  • Wan, Weishi
  • An, Zhenghua
  • Qiao, S
  • et al.

The magnetic field configuration of the previously proposed knot undulator [Qiaoet al.(2009).Rev. Sci. Instrum.80, 085108] is realised in the design of a hybridized elliptically polarized undulator, which is presented. Although the details of the field distribution are not the same as those in the theoretical proposal, it is demonstrated that the practical knot undulator could work perfectly. In order to understand the minor discrepancies of the two, mathematical formulae of the synchrotron radiation are derived based on the Fourier transform of the magnetic field. From the results of calculations by simulation program, the discrepancies could be well interpreted by the corresponding formulae. The results show the importance of optimization of the end sections of the knot undulator to suppress the on-axis heat load. Furthermore, a study of the impact of the undulator on beam dynamics of the storage ring was conducted using the Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility as an example and the results show that the knot undulator has little effect on the beam.

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