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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Overview and status of the 0.5NA EUV microfield exposure tool at Berkeley Lab

  • Author(s): Anderson, C
  • Allezy, A
  • Chao, W
  • Cork, C
  • Cork, W
  • Delano, R
  • Deponte, J
  • Dickinson, M
  • Gaines, G
  • Gamsby, J
  • Gullikson, E
  • Jones, G
  • Meyers, S
  • Miyakawa, R
  • Naulleau, P
  • Rekawa, S
  • Salmassi, F
  • Vollmer, B
  • Zehm, D
  • Zhu, W
  • et al.

A 0.5-NA extreme ultraviolet micro-field exposure tool has been installed and commissioned at beamline of the Advanced Light Source synchrotron facility at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Commissioning has demonstrated a patterning resolution of 13 nm half-pitch with annular 0.35-0.55 illumination; a patterning resolution of 8 nm half-pitch with annular 0.1-0.2 illumination; critical dimension (CD) uniformity of 0.7 nm 1σ on 16 nm nominal CD across 80% of the 200 um x 30 um aberration corrected field of view; aerial image vibration relative to the wafer of 0.75 nn RMS and focus control and focus stepping better than 15 nm.

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