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An Overview of the Capillary Electrophoresis Process at the DOE Joint Genome Institute Production Genomics Facility: The Dual Operation of the AB 3730xl and GE MegaBACE 4500 DNA Sequence Analyzers

  • Author(s): Daum, Christopher
  • Philip, Lena
  • Mihalkanin, Danielle
  • Spurrell, Cailyn
  • Miller, Don
  • Lucas, Susan M.
  • Copeland, Alex
  • Tighe, Damon
  • Abbott, Eric
  • Arcaina, Marlon
  • Eattock, Nicholas
  • Lafrades, Melanie
  • Linkowski, Albert
  • Loero-Pequignot, Adrienne
  • Yuen, Andy
  • Zane, Mathew
  • et al.
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