16 x 25 Ge:Ga detector arrays for FIFI LS
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16 x 25 Ge:Ga detector arrays for FIFI LS

  • Author(s): Rosenthal, Dirk
  • Beeman, Jeffrey W
  • Geis, Norbert
  • Looney, Leslie W
  • Poglitsch, Albrecht
  • Park, Won K
  • Raab, Walfried
  • Urban, Alexander
  • et al.

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We are developing two-dimensional 16 x 25 pixel detector arrays of both unstressed and stressed Ge:Ga photoconductive detectors for far-infrared astronomy from SOFIA. The arrays, based on earlier 5 x 5 detector arrays used on the KAO, will be for our new instrument, the Far Infrared Field Imaging Line Spectrometer (FIFI LS). The unstressed Ge:Ga detector array will cover the wavelength range from 40 to 120 microns, and the stressed Ge:Ga detector array from 120 to 210 microns. The detector arrays will be operated with multiplexed integrating amplifiers with cryogenic readout electronics located close to the detector arrays. The design of the stressed detector array and results of current measurements on several prototype 16 pixel linear arrays are reported. They demonstrate the feasibility of the current concept. ***This paper does not include Figures due to astro-ph size limitations. Please download entire file at http://fifi-ls.mpe-garching.mpg.de/spie.det.ps.gz ***

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