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Local structure of molten AuGa2under pressure: Evidence for coordination change and planetary implications


© 2018 The Author(s). In situ x-ray diffraction measurements and inverse Monte Carlo simulations of pair distribution functions were used to characterize the local structure of molten AuGa2up to 16 GPa and 940 K. Our results document systematic changes in liquid structure due to a combination of bond compression and coordination increase. Empirical potential structure refinement shows the first-neighbor coordination of Ga around Au and of Au around Ga to increase from about 8 to 10 and 4 to 5, respectively between 0 and 16 GPa, and the inferred changes in liquid structure can explain the observed melting-point depression of AuGa2up to 5 GPa. As intermetallic AuGa2is an analogue for metallic SiO2at much higher pressures, our results imply that structural changes documented for non-metallic silicate melts below 100 GPa are followed by additional coordination changes in the metallic state at pressures in the 0.2-1 TPa range achieved inside large planets.

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